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Kiwi Hits Plus

"What's in a name?"

KIWI lets the whole world know that we are from New Zealand

HITS is what we specialise in providing for your advertising!

PLUS is the extra advertising we give through our surf promos!

Kiwi Hits Plus provides marketers with the best options for promoting their business by using all the tools that we have inside.

Build your business by adding (at least 1) sites, (at least 1) banner, and (at least 1)text ad, to your arsenal.

We have a wide range of members worldwide who are eagerly waiting to see what you have to offer.

Traffic Exchange and Banner advertising is the best form of advertising for marketers. You will see some great results when you join Kiwi Hits Plus and BRAND yourself.

We offer our services, backed by many years of experience, completely FREE, although for improved results we have some great upgrade packages.

Join us Now as a FREE member and take a look, You won't be disappointed.

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